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MAMA runs into mountain after mountain of trouble, SM crisis with YG resolved?


Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

Article talks about the dangers of MAMA not having SNSD or EXO confirm their attendances yet, although talks are looking hopeful.

A rep had to say, “With the ceremony underway, the power game between broadcast companies and agencies is competitive. In the process of MAMA resolving their issues with getting YG artists to attend, other agencies seem to have gotten their hurt. If there are teams boycotting the awards, it’s largely because of that issue. The competitive power game for the daesang will be strong.”

1. [+1,058, -190] MAMA? You mean Yang Hyun Suk’s concert?

2. [+860, -107] Honestly, they should have the most active singers of the year on the show

3. [+950, -229] Just keep it a YG concert… SM, boycott this…

3. [+545, -117] So does SM only need EXO, SNSD, and f(x) on the ceremony?

4. [+220, -64] Wasn’t the MAMA = YG concert anyway? SM should just boycott it and hold their own concert that day

5. [+175, -40] That whole ‘trouble’ with YG was just media play anyway. They made it all dramatic like they were fighting and made up in the end.

6. [+143, -34] Just keep it to themselves. MAMA kept media playing about Big Bang and YG over their attendance while no mention of SM at all. I’d be pissed if I were SM too.

7. [+134, -29] So why is YG having their comeback at an award ceremony? It’s not a YG concert, why should they have their comeback there…

8. [+174, -43] It’s a YG party anyway, SM needs to hold their own concert

9. [+149, -29] Nono SM, just boycott it. Don’t be fooled by Mnet.

10. [+167, -48] MAMA will end up like the Grand Bell Awards at this rate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Nate

1. [+34, -8] I wish SM would boycott MAMA…

2. [+33, -9] I’m sure the PD is super stressed right now at the thought of losing out on the groups with strong ticketing power..

3. [+31, -13] I wish SM would boycott and pull f(x) from the line up. This is an awards ceremony celebrating singers who promoted in 2015 so I don’t get why Psy and CL are performing when they didn’t even promote this year. Just make it a YG concert in Hong Kong.




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