Gary touches on the issues of sajaegi and ‘splitting’

1. [+1,220, -107] By splitting, he’s probably talking about Big Bang, and by issue, it’s probably Mnet, so who’s the sajaegi~~~

2. [+934, -23] Everyone’s denying sajaegi so who is it

3. [+911, -18] Whoever ends up getting caught in all of this for sajaegi can say goodbye to their career

4. [+863, -12] I wonder who did the sajaegi then…? I wish the names would just be revealed

5. [+660, -50] I really liek Gary’s songs ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+295, -90] Sajaegi news is coming up every day… isn’t iKON the most suspicious??.. The public doesn’t even know the member names or how many members they even have… and they won #1 on top of hitting the roof without even a debut or a stage… and they’re #1 every day… ridiculous;;;;;;; there’s no explanation for it other than sajaegi

7. [+226, -53] Any rookie idol group getting their debut song in the top 50 without even being on broadcast once is 100% sajaegi

8. [+180, -50] The reason ‘splitting’ is a problem is because while other singers take months to invest in an album with 10 songs, they use one of them as a title track. Doesn’t matter how good the other songs are, the public won’t care about it because their promos end with the title track. They have no choice but to forget about the other ones. But when groups ‘split’ their albums, they put out songs that would normally be B-side tracks and label them as title tracks and use their name value to win #1. Look at Big Bang… they put out an album with barely six songs and milked it for six months by splitting it while other singers couldn’t do anything for those six months. The digital market should be shared.

9. [+187, -64] SM’s definitely not doing sajaegi… Super Junior came out two months ago and their song was kicked out of the top 100 immediately… SM has such low digital rankings compared to physical album sales so no way would they be involved in sajaegiㅋ

10. [+150, -56] Song splitting = Big Bang ㅎㅎ a jab at YG

11. [+67, -7] The #1 most suspected is probably SISTAR

12. [+75, -7] I think the sajaegi issue will just end up with companies blaming it on the fans… it’s obvious, they’re just hiding it.

13. [+105, -54] Big Bang fans are right, the group has a big fandom and they’re strong digitally. It’s not something that every group can pull off. However, do they even have a reason to be splitting their sos like that? It’s not like their songs were of different genres or different feels, they were similar songs that didn’t need to be split out like that. And honestly, it just seems like a marketing scheme. It’s annoying to see a group of Big Bang’s status resorting to petty tactics like this to dominate the charts. And it’s also rude to the other singers as well.



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