Abnormal Summit uses kimigayo for the BGM, “this is too much as a mistake”


1. [+549, -15] The apology looks so effortless. If the staff has some thoughts, then they should cancel the show and get the penalty or give up their Korean citizenship. And don’t say it was a mistake. Didn’t they search ‘kimigayo’ when inserting the song? If they didn’t know the meaning behind kimigayo, then it’s a big wrongdoing of ignorance. This can never be forgiven as a Korean and it’s upsetting enough for the ancestors who fought for the independence to be walking out of their coffins.

2. [+465, -29] It’s like they’re saying “yeah we’re apologizing, now shut up~”. Bye~ I won’t watch the show anymore. I watched it after it was broadcasted but I won’t even do that anymore

3. [+432, -10] The apology sounds so efortless

4. [+54, -2] Kimigayo was played for the first time after the independence. Whether it was a mistake or not, they should cancel the show and get the penalty

5. [+46, -0] Do they think this issue will be passed by writing on Facebook? Woah I think they’re totally insane. They won’t even have the right to oppose getting shot in their heads



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