‘Abnormal Summit’ reps apologize for the bgm of kimigayo, “it was a mistake by the staff”


1. [+6826, -114] How can they make that kind of a mistake…

2. [+5834, -115] The casts are a waste. You can’t really consider it as a mistake…

3. [+4350, -118] Ah… Seriously don’t make this kind of a mistake

4. [+4436, -340] It’s not a mistake, it was intended ㅋㅋ It’d be considered a mistake if it was done once but if the same thing gets repeated, then it’s intended… It gives me goosebumps how the Japanese collaborators are promoting without being unseen

5. [+3004, -109] Ah…….

6. [+1288, -26] Mistake? Excuse me, you wouldn’t make this kind of a mistake even if you play a random song without even knowing the name of the song. It’s obvious that they saw “kimigayo” and played it. They played it and they’re now trying to pass it by writing a few sentences of an apology? It’s not even funny

7. [+1201, -22] Are you sure this is a mistake? Reveal who played the song and why they chose it to play

8. [+1251, -125] I never thought I would hear kimigayo on the broadcast in my life. I really liked Abnormal Summit and I’m so disappointed. This is a legendary broadcast accident. Cancel the show, this should not be passed. I swear there will be some people who are defending this

9. [+1127, -19] What a crazy act… Do they not have any knowledge of history? Did they not write a test to work at the broadcast station?



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