Lee Hongki “It will all be revealed soon… are you doing your work?” expresses discord with company?

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+1,094, -30] Honestly, FNC set up their foundation with everything FT did for them but they put them on the backburner as soon as CNBLUE started doing well…

2. [+936, -35] FNC’s founding contributor is FT Island but I remember them saying they’ve never been once properly paid since their debut five years ago. They worked them so hard when they were popular but now they’re on the backburner because they were shoved out by CNBLUE.

3. [+766, -28] I’m surprised Lee Hongki even has the physical stamina to handle a drama schedule on top of going on a five concert Japanese tour.

4. [+45, -7] I remember watching Hongki’s agency on a cable show and the way Hongki talked to the CEO, you could tell he had beef with him in the way he looked at him. There were thorns in his words so I expected this discord to surface… I understand him, though. *patpat*

5. [+42, -13] Hongki pretty much paved the road for FNC today

6. [+39, -9] FNC Han Sung Ho is busy trying to get listed while forgetting that he’s left FT Island on the backburner, the very group that has even allowed FNC to exist today. Look at SM, at least they look out for all of their veteran artists. Kang Ta’s a director now. FT Island kept them afloat, shouldn’t they be given the proper treatment? They wouldn’t even be looking to get listed right now if FT didn’t do as well as they did. Han Sung Ho CEO, don’t lose your roots…

7. [+35, -5] Fans know very well what kind of treatment Hongki had to put up with and yet fans are still surprised that he’s expressing it now like this. We know that he held back and is now coming out strong. Hongki’s always told his fans what’s been going on with his agency and even fought the agency himself but FNC refuses to listen and continues to act as its group’s own anti.

8. [+19, -3] It’s not only the fans that have noticed that FT Island is on the backburner because of CNBLUE. You better get your act together.



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