‘Hiatus’ Sulli to make her return after three months with movie ‘Fashion King’

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+2,627, -60] Sulli, don’t be like that to your members

2. [+2,244, -78] How comparable to Krystal

3. [+2,027, -67] Don’t care that she’s dating, she’s disrespectful for impacting the other members with her irresponsibility

4. [+1,897, -78] I can’t stand her anymore…

5. [+1,514, -55] The movie doesn’t sound like it’ll do well anyway…

6. [+419, -8] The f(x) members are so nice for putting up with her…

7. [+420, -16] Krystal fainted… Does Sulli have no shame?

8. [+363, -9] Who does she think she is to be expecting the love of her fans when she’s hurting everyone else like this?

9. [+349, -8] We all know Sulli’s pretty but people let her do whatever she wants that she’s acting up like this

10. [+318, -7] While one member’s working hard to the point of fainting, another member gets to whine about having it hard for a bit and take a break to go moonwatching without even fainting. Nice, huh?



2 thoughts on “‘Hiatus’ Sulli to make her return after three months with movie ‘Fashion King’

  1. Poor Sulli . Actually she’s sick you foll . She’s same like luhan from EXO . She’s in under critical position . Of course you guys don’t belive me right . Actually I had saw a female doctor said Sulli’s name . It got my attention . Then I followed the doctor into a room . I was hiding from the doctor cause I don’t want to get caught . When the doctoe leave , I was very shocked cause the patient is …. SULLI ! It’s the real story . At Busan’s hospital . I hope you guys stop hating Sulli , the poor girl

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