A look at what Sulli’s been up to lately… ‘more beautiful beauty’

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+1,020, -49] I don’t care about this bitch’s Choiza or group promotion problems. I was so disappointed when I saw how lazy she was on stage. It’s an utter insult to the audience and the stage.

2. [+917, -37] ㅋㅋ Fans waited so long for f(x)’s comeback and all because of her, they barely promoted a month before they had to close up. So selfish

3. [+832, -35] Selfish

4. [+79, -6] If only Sulli stayed quiet without her attitude scandals + Choiza, she could’ve been one of the top three idols right now. She kicked her own opportunities straight out the window. I really don’t understand… with a visual like that, she could make money in her sleep.

5. [+73, -4] She’s always been so lazy on stage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How is she not embarrassed to face her other members? Shot a movie and doesn’t even promote it ㅋㅋㅋ Her irresponsibility knows no bounds

6. [+56, -2] Whatever’s going on with her on the inside, the public won’t view her positively when she’s been lazy all promotion long and is now going around having fun doing whatever she wants.

7. [+53, -2] ㅋㅋㅋ Keep being happy like that~ and don’t come back on TV~

8. [+51, -7] Sulli, you probably think it’s only the hateful commenters who hate you, right? No, the majority of the people hate you. Because you’re selfish.

9. [+44, -11] Allowing someone so irresponsible as her to come back to the industry would be an insult to all of the other celebrities and trainees who actually work hard. People like Jang Ja Yeon who was enslaved to her death to become a celebrity… Anyone who casts someone like Sulli without any type of ambition or effort for any type of job is basically trash with a bullet in their brains.

10. [+28, -1] So she can’t get on stage for her fans but she can go on vacation for her friends;; can’t imagine how disappointed fans must be with her



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