Instiz: Tweets of Sungmin’s fansites’ closure


“So I ended up only giving false hope to the fans. I’m now a liar. I tried to grasp them until the end with what I’ve heard. Why did he have to make me so miserable until the end? I’m so sad. He said he hid it because he didn’t want to hurt us but he’s ripping my heart. Mother-nim, I’m so sad.”

“Ah seriously… I just recovered and got up and Lee Sungmin the motherfucker is embarrassing me like this to live with that fucking bitch?”

“2007~2014.10.14 Thank you”


“Chingu-ya, it was a hard month. You were a friend that I always looked but I guess I wasn’t a comfortable friend for you. I can’t cheer for you but I hope you have no regrets. Bye. Really bye. Thank you, and goodbye. 2008.04.01~2014.10.14”



– Their words are harsh but I understand them

– The fans are not mad that he’s getting married with his fans behind. The problem is the timing and the attitude. The biggest problem is that he looked down at his fans. The fans wouldn’t have enraged like that if he didn’t treat his fans like this. Their 7th album promotion is still not over and the repackage is coming up, so now is the timing where the fans should work the hardest. I’m frustrated at how he released his news at this timing. The fans already knew about his marriage before so they kept it quiet and asked him to get married next year. He explained all the details to a Chinese fansite admin but he only bullshitted to Korean admins

– We’re not asking him not to get married. We wanted him to get married after he finishes his military service because the timing is not good. We’ve been fans for years, we’re not worried about the marriage. We even quieted down the blind items. He’s selfishly pursuing his marriage plans which his company, members, family, and fans were all against it. I hope he has no regrets with this

– They’ve been a fan since 2007… Ugh it must be so hard for them

– Why is the admin swearing at the woman though?
— She also hinted a lot. On Facebook, she spreaded that she was the one that he congratulated on the radio and even said they’ll get married. But in the articles, she changed her words

– Woah… The fans are all long-term fans… ㅠㅠㅠ

– I can’t believe the rumor mill was true



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