Instiz: The reason why Sungmin fans are mad at Sungmin

After his relationship got publicized, there was a fansign. The fans expected him to say something but the manager was busy shutting up the fans. The manager even stopped a fan when she put her hand on the table. Some fans asked him about his marriage rumors but he was silent.

His marriage was publicized just a week before the release of SJ’s repackage album

“The admin of LIVSM said she talked to Sungmin’s mom for the entire afternoon today… His parents, members, and his company were all against his marriage but he was being stubborn”

Next year, 4~5 SJ members will be enlisted. They never know when they’ll release another album so the fans worked hard to get them a daesang this time. But because of his marriage, the effort is now useless.

They tried to convince him by saying, “let’s announce your marriage after this album promotion ends and after the awards. Let’s delay your marriage for a few months” But he didn’t listen to his members, company, and parents and pushed his plans of getting married on Dec 13.



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