Instiz: Super Junior Sungmin toys with his fans?

The fans wouldn’t be demanding him to leave the group if it was just a marriage. Lee Sungmin went to his girlfriend’s filming spots and was being the camera man. He also unfriended fans who criticized him on his blog and deleted their comments. After his relationship got publicized, he had open dates. He’s crazy with love and he doesn’t care about his fans, this is why they’re criticizing him. The money he’s spending for his marriage is from his fans. Yesung is in an uncomfortable position right now, they’re about to promote another song, and they should be aiming to get a daesang. But he shitted hard on it and this is why the fans are pissed.

1. April 8, 2014 Shimshimtapa radio

Sungmin: “Today is my friend Kim Mimi’s birthday!”
Kyuhyun: “Ah I guess it’s a woman?”
Sungmin: “yes…”

Shindong: “0259-nim said, ‘oppars, today is my dog Kim Mimi’s 30th birthday. Please congratulate her. I love you~'”

(SJ members joked how a dog can be a 30-year-old and Sungmin stayed silent)

2. He wore his couple ring on a stage and also on album photo
3. He was the camera man for the making film of his girlfriend. His voice was aired
4. He banned the fans from talking about his girlfriend at a fansign. If they did, the manager threatened them
5. When the rumors were out before the official news, there was a hinting post on his blog. His fan commented, “can you now show it for you and for SuJu?” He deleted the comment and unfriended the fan
6. When his marriage rumors surfaced, his fans again asked him to be careful. But he had an open date at a musical
7. He liked a fan’s post that said, “those who will leave need to leave, and those who will stay need to stay”



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