China’s ‘Running Man’ gets tremendous responses after the first episode… “the king of hallyu variety shows”

The first episode’s ratings were 1.149%. It is extremely hard for TV shows to get ratings above 1% in China.


1. [+550, -18] You can’t exclude Yoo Jaesuk and Lee Kwangsoo when talking about Running man… Yoo Yi brothers ㅋㅋ

2. [+511, -23] The population is 1.4 billion so it’s 14 millions people if it’s 1%… Amazing

3. [+382, -17] I think a person with a supernatural power can be really found in China

4. [+274, -32] It’s still a Chinese version

5. [+227, -7] I heard that Sparta Kook was also on it?

6. [+39, -4] What’s the point of having good skills in our country? The dramas, movies, variety shows, and even the staffs are all sent to China. We’re only giving the benefits to them ㅋㅋ

7. [+36, -2] If it’s hard to get over 1%, then just how many people are there…

8. [+35, -5] Even though people are saying it’s not funny, I still think Running Man is the funniest show… I especially like how they’re giving laughter from a very positive aspect. The permanent members are all honest and well-mannered



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