‘Withdrew from U-Kiss’ Dongho shows up recently… “selca while waiting for the traffic signal”


1. [+564, -31] Everything aside, you won’t be forgiven if you go on acting. What kind of trouble did you cause?

2. [+349, -16] So what are you gonna do now, Dongho?

3. [+256, -14] Is he gonna be a celebrity again?

4. [+249, -30] me~~ Buy me Diablo 3 please ><

5. [+203, -37] Here, have some attention

6. [+84, -7] I feel bad for Dongho… He debuted in grade 8 and did all sorts of stuff like variety shows for U-Kiss at a young age and got a lot of hate… But U-Kiss didn't get popular

7. [+59, -7] Why are they writing an article of a non-celebrity… I don't know his personalities but he's not talented in acting and singing to be a celebrity… Leave him to live as a non-celebrity

8. [+59, -10] You should try acting. There are three acting-gods of idols – Yunho, Dongho, Seulong. Recently, L is getting there ㅋㅋㅋ



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