Taeyang “Working hard on the Big Bang album… we’ll make up for the concern we’ve caused you with good music”

Source: OSEN via Naver

12. [+13,021, -264] Taeyang’s the only one who hasn’t gotten into scandals out of the five

2. [+10,212, -305] Taeyang seems to be the only normal one in Big Bang… Mature of him to put up with them

3. [+8,976, -386] Poor Taeyang;;;; from the leader to the maknae… all causing problems.

4. [+7,342, -629] You guys have gone too far to make up for anything

5. [+7,388, -1,158] Don’t really want to see G-Dragon..

6. [+1,533, -89] And GD dating that right-wing bitch is buried in just under a day once again.

7. [+1,358, -51] Why is he the one apologizing when he didn’t do anything..

8. [+1,362, -88] Marijuana, drunk driving, speeding.. I miss the days when Big Bang promoted “Lies”

9. [+1,313, -51] Big Bang really needs to pay more attention to their private lives..

10. [+1,286, -46] Poor Taeyang cleaning up the poop of everyone else



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