‘SNL’ Girl’s Day “We sleep 20 minutes every two days to work”

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+176, -15] I seriously think Girl’s Day suffered the most out of the girl group debuts who are doing well these days. SISTAR had a small agency but you could tell they really supported their debut. Their music video would be played at the end of varieties and even Kim Heechul starred in one of them. A Pink has a rather large agency too and had a documentary of their own.

2. [+149, -11] They perform at several college events a day, I can see how that’d happen.. ㅠㅠ They really do look tired

3. [+132, -12] Have to prepare for an album, shoot pictorials, go on TV, practice for college events, perform overseas… It’d be difficult for even someone with Park Ji Sung’s stamina to pull it all off.

4. [+17, -4] So Hyeri going to the army should be considered a break ㅋㅋㅋ she even got popularity off of it too

5. [+8, -1] It’s been five years since Girl’s Day’s debut and I heard that it’s only now that the company is starting to pay them an income (after paying back expenses). They suffered a lot to finally get to where they are now so don’t hate on them for frivolous things. I hope the CEO will work them with some room to breathe. I heard that the company is in some rough waters so they’re running Girl’s Day into college events but there’s only so much they can handle. Sure they’re young and have the stamina now but Sojin’s turning 30 soon… Hyeri’s fainted on stage once too. Having them work schedules with only 20 minutes of sleep is not right.



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