‘War of Words’ Kangnam, “The reason MIB never got popular? Because EXO’s too cool”

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+7,973, -520] EXO’s only this big because they’re under SM. Just being an SM trainee grants you a certain amount of attention, same goes for YG.

2. [+6,288, -93] Seems that a celebrity is better off getting popular through a variety show. I’ve always known about MIB but I see Kangnam in a new light now ㅋㅋ I wish him more success as a singer!!

3. [+5,728, -327] Being under the right company is important but so is how good your song is

4. [+697, -10] Even if Kangnam has gotten this popular through varieties, if he wants to get popular as a singer, he needs a good song. Look at ZE:A, for example. Kwanghee and Hyungshik both got popular off of variety shows and Siwan’s in acting with high public recognition and yet their songs still fail as a group. Now that you have the public recognition, go make a good song to live up to it.

5. [+542, -38] 100% reliant on the power of the company. How could you beat SM and YG’s management. Look at Mix & Match. IKON hasn’t even debuted yet and they have so many fans already.

6. [+504, -33] Imagine if Kangnam was under YG or SM, where he’d be right now….



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