Pann: Is Yoona really considered ugly?


1. [+121, -42] She’s so pretty, how can she not be pretty ㅠㅠ Suzy, Sulli, and Yoona are all pretty

2. [+119, -84] Women might find her very pretty, but there are much more prettier celebrities out there. So the men don’t have a reason to stan her

3. [+104, -55] She was never in peaceful mode since debut… It’s hard to find a day when she didn’t get hate. For 7 years, she suffered lightsticks throwing, black ocean, glass pieces and etc. When will she be able to work peacefully…

4. [+63, -38] I don’t understand why she can be seen ugly. Suzy and Sulli are pretty and so is Yoona. She didn’t cause any trouble, I feel bad for her

5. [+39, -24] No she’s so pretty

6. [+30, -10] She’s not ugly but she’s not popular anymore. She’s never mentioned on male sites anymore… Not caring is scarier than hating

7. [+24, -5] People have their personal opinions. I feel like Yoona fans are forcing this opinion – “it’s not like I find Yoona pretty because I’m her fan. Objectively, she’s the prettiest”

8. [+23, -23] I really agree that people are brainwashed to think she’s a goddess. She doesn’t have charms. She’s all about SNSD brand. If Yoona was not under SM, then she wouldn’t be mentioned like this… Same goes to Red Velvet. Most SM artists are liked by SM fans. Others are not even interested

9. [+23, -25] I was shocked when I first saw Yoona because she’s so pretty

10. [+22, -4] Yoona doesn’t have charms and she became more unpopular after her relationship got publicized… The fans could call her “the top” but it’s so cringe-worthy when they call her “king goddess”



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