Kangnam, “The loneliness I suppressed came out on variety… I’m happy that I’m busier now”

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

“A lot of people recognize me on the streets now. They ask for autographs or pictures and every time, I feel so great and grateful.”

“Everything now just feels like a dream. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything but the producers and the viewers looked at me positively. I can’t sleep lately because I’m afraid this dream will be over. As difficult as I’ve had it, I’m going to keep a strong head and work hard.”

1. [+6,868, -49] He’s really so funny lately, do well Kangnam!

2. [+4,957, -219] Thank you Kangnam for getting rid of my bias on Japanese men. You’ve shown me just how happy and positive someone can be. I’d like to meet a Japanese man myself someday.

3. [+3,654, -42] I’m so happy for him ^^^^

4. [+666, -6] Reminds me of Hwang Jung Eun before she got popular talking about how she had nothing in her bank account too. She had an off the wall character at the time like Kangnam. He reminds me of Noh Hong Chul at times.. and he’s not just unique but really respectful too. He’s endured four years of no spotlight so I wish him the best of luck from here on out.

5. [+657, -4] So sad that he can’t sleep because he’s afraid this dream will be over… I’m sure all celebrities who receive sudden fame and attention feel the same but it’s sad anyway ㅠ He will get hurt once it fades but I hope he doesn’t get too hurt by the industry and continues to promote as fine as he is now ><

6. [+635, -7] I'm sure there are a lot of talented kids like Kangnam out there, just that they're all under powerless companies that are never given opportunities. I'm tired of the same boring kids from the same companies, let's cast some fresh faces.



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