‘War of Words’ Lee Yoon Suk “(What SNSD Jessica did) is like going off on your own in a group project”

Source: TV Report via Naver

“I agree with the netizens who compared the situation to a group project. What Jessica did is like someone who left to study another subject while in a group project right during testing time and still received a grade without doing anything. It’s upsetting for the other members who worked hard for that group project.”

1. [+9,519, -374] The comparison is perfect. I understood right away.

2. [+9,420, -348] That’s what I’m talking about ㅋㅋ She left during the preparation stage and only showed up for the presentation? What’s up with that

3. [+5,796, -301] Totally agree ㅋㅋㅋ She got greedy and now she feels regretful? Let’s see how long her business and her man last.. especially after hurting the people around her. Don’t chase the immediate benefits in front of you… She’s totally an example of the women who forget about her friends once she finds a man.

4. [+5,048, -260] The most important topic mentioned on ‘War of Words’ today was Jessica’s Weibo. Of all platforms, why did Jessica choose to post on Weibo? The answer’s obvious. Her business is based in China so of course she has to appeal to the Chinese market. She also posted it on the morning of their Chinese fan meet. Jessica did all this knowing she’d be leaving the group.

5. [+960, -47] It’s scary to think Jessica’s ‘Blanc’ homepage domain was registered in 2013. There was a reason she was so lazy during the dances for ‘I Got a Boy’, she’s been getting ready to leave SNSD for her business for a while now. She also left with her boyfriend to America for a month before coming back for a 10 track fan meet + events that she was absent for preparations from.

6. [+799, -56] To all the people asking that we understand her as she tries to prepare for her future… What about the other members? They’re not fools. Sunny wanted to go to college but she doesn’t have the time for it so she’s still just a high school graduate.

7. [+648, -61] There’s a reason Lee Yoon Suk-ssi is a professor~ ^^

8. [+511, -18] There’s no way she can run that business without the SNSD brand name attached to it. If she’s not an SNSD member, who’d be crazy enough to invest in Jessica alone? The fact that she thought she could pull off Soshi promotions and her business is psycho. To her, business + her man >>>>>>>> Soshi. She made her selfish choice.



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