“That lovely girl side view, Yoona”

1. [2929+,359-] She is really fair… But now she needs to do work outside and inside Korea so it must be really hard for her

2. [2492+,223-] What is the objective of this article?

3. [1920+,312-] She is so pretty..

4. [1537+,330-] Pretty

5. [1455+,430-] Unnie Be strong!!!!!

6. [301+,83-] There must be something happened inside that we don’t know. I hope that they can solve it

7. [310+,92 ] They must be really upset.. But it is so sad how they still have to smile when they are outside

8. [286+,74-] I hope they can clear this problem between each others

9. [285+,115-] They are the only one who know about the situation but be strong Yoona

10. [280+,119-] Let us move forward just like what you guys always do

11. [255+,112-] She is really pretty

12. [235+,104-] You should destroy the objective of posting this kind of article Hoot! Yoona is fu**king pretty♡

13. [239+,122-] Yoona-ya You are pretty…

translated by randomkorealife


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