‘Ssul Jeon’ Heo Ji Woong, “SM’s scandal in November, maybe a foreign idol will cause trouble”

Ssul Jeon discussed SM’s scandals. Heo Ji Woong added, “it means that another scandal will happen in November. From what I think, a foreign idol will cause trouble”


1. [+354, -23] Heo Ji Woong was cool when he questioned why Incheon opened the Asian Games when they were in debt and that they all have to be paid by the citizens

2. [+259, -41] It seems like SM artists take their company as a joke after they get popular

3. [+147, -14] We’ll know when the time comes

4. [+40, -19] Maybe he said this because he knows about it?

5. [+37, -9] Jessica left because she was greedy about starting a business with a Korean-Chinese. It doesn’t end well if something is associated with China

6. [+35, -17] Yesterday, Leeteuk also said that Jessica’s situation is not the end… Doesn’t it show that Luhan’s departure from EXO is nearly true?

7. [+34, -11] Luhan’s departure

8. [+31, -13] Luhan…

9. [+25, -7] He can’t just say this without knowing anything. I guess there really is something going on. Luhan is very controversial right now

10. [+25, -24] EXO Luhan? No way

11. [+24, -13] I think Heo Ji Woong is talking about Luhan ㅠㅠㅠ

12. [+15, -12] It’s not a matter of Luhan leaving the group. EXO will eventually disband. Look at the kids, they’re really boring. They debuted in 2012 but they’re still not adjusted on variety shows. When a member guests on a variety show, he doesn’t talk, doesn’t show much reactions, and all he does is to give applause in the corner. They’re not talented with variety shows at all. They got popular as a group by SM. If we look at them individually, they don’t even seem like celebrities. They’re boring and they can’t do anything



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