SM releases official statement “Luhan prioritized personal gain… seems there is another influence behind him”

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+2,568, -177] This is what happens when you become crazed over money

2. [+2,256, -121] Not a normal day for SM lately. JYP has Chinese members who are promoting just fine.

3. [+2,071, -232] Chinese.. First Hangeng… SM really needs to stop promoting the Chinese.

4. [+1,364, -87] There are so many scandals about SM lately. I hope they all find some grounds for resolution.

5. [+1,363, -182] Another Chinese with the backstabbing..

6. [+457, -16] SM sticks three managers with Victoria whenever she has schedules in China because so many brokers flock to her like flies. Victoria doesn’t bat an eye at them.

7. [+432, -18] Obviously a Chinese agency got at him and offered to help. Kris or Luhan fell for it since they don’t have to deal with the heavy schedules now and can promote in their own countries. However, the fact that they left now when their popularity was earned through Korea’s EXO and they still have time left in their contracts is betrayal. SM needs to stick to using only Koreans.

8. [+389, -23] Saw the reason for the lawsuit on and he’s no different from Wu Yifan. Fans just want to justify it by blaming the agency but they just backstabbed you. Wake up.



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