‘One Night’ Sooyoung personally apologizes for news on Jessica’s leave “I’m sorry, please watch over us”

Source: Mydaily via Naver

“I’m so upset and sorry that I have to deliver such news so suddenly. I will work harder for everyone who loves and supports SNSD. Please watch over us. I’m sorry.”

1. [+14,420, -1,354] How upsetting it must feel to have to deliver such news about your own group while on a show like that. The wound must be big.

2. [+11,696, -421] Yoon Do Hyun is such a clean MC. He somehow managed to lighten the mood.

3. [+8,850, -802] Sooyoung must’ve been taken aback at the question..

4. [+7,330, -1,415] I support SNSD. They must feel like such a mess right now, please find strength.

5. [+6,024, -1,330] Soshi fighting~~~ supporting you

6. [+982, -110] Considering the nature of the show, it’s not like they can skip on it… what an awkward situation for her;

7. [+992, -259] It’s all because of that sly con bastard Tyler that this is happening. Jessica’s completely hypnotized by him and has checked herself out of SNSD. Find strength, we’ll be supporting you. I hope once their SM contracts expire, they come out and set up a Soshi company and promote on their own. I’d like for Jessica to return too.

8. [+801, -94] An awkward situation all around for both the producers and Sooyoung; I feel awkward for them

9. [+795, -127] I’d like to believe that they knew the decision they made would impact the group’s image like this but still felt the need to make that decision so I’ll trust in them and watch over them.

10. [+780, -139] I personally think Jessica’s decision to run a business was a mitake. She has no basic knowledge about the industry and yet she’s going to design school while starting a business? I really hope she breaks up with Tyler Kwon



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