YG’s never before back to back comebacks… Who will it be on the 10th and 21st?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+428, -14] I remember Tukutz on radio complaining about how he never gets to release an album so he chose to play a Yang Hyun Suk song titled ‘The Acting of the Devil’ ㅋㅋ I guess Epik High’s finally getting that release ㅋ It’s been two years since their 7th album…

2. [+350, -31] Probably Epik High and Psy… will it be a team kill? Or not because Psy’s already an international singer so it should be okay.

3. [+320, -24] I refuse to believe anything YG says until the day of the song release and I physically download it

4. [+292, -29] It’ll either be Epik High, Psy, or Lee Hi

5. [+254, -31] I want both Epik High and Lee Hi!!!!

6. [+41, -5] It’d be funny if it turned out to be Yang Hyun Suk… I mean, he was a singer himself

7. [+38, -3] AkMu said before that their new album would be released in the fall in an interview. AkMu’s possible too.

8. [+36, -3] Seems it’ll be Epik High, they mentioned before that they’re releasing a 10th anniversary album ^^



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