‘Idol School’ Eunbi and RiSe before death, the brightest girls

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+7,791, -117] The entire time I was watching, I forgot that RiSe and Eunbi unni had passed away. It’s still hard to admit that they’re gone. It was only until after the episode was over that I realized they’re no longer with us.. We won’t forget you.

2. [+7,672, -97] Aigoo, children… This shows how hard you worked in life

3. [+6,277, -88] Murderers and rapists should be the ones that are dead but they only take such young, innocent kids… Live long and happy in the sky.

4. [+5,889, -72] Everything feels so futile.

5. [+5,236, -51] So unfortunate, I hope they’re happy where they are now

6. [+315, -8] I wasn’t a Ladies Code fan but I heard Eunbi was passing by our neighborhood so I acted like a fan and said hi and she greeted me with such an angelic smile… I became a fan after that.

7. [+291, -9] You never know what’ll happen in life… seeing this broadcast just makes it feel like they’re still alive.

8. [+146, -5] Broke my heart to see them smiling so brightly without knowing what would happen to them… I hope they’re in the sky doing whatever they want without any worries now.



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