Cha Seung Won “My son did not know but everything will be fine”

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

In a call with journalists, he said, “Nothing’s happened.” Regarding son Noa, he replied, “My child did not know. Do not worry because we are remaining calm and handling everything.”

When asked about the lawsuit scandal, he said, “I do not know the man. Everything will be fine. Time moves on just fine, doesn’t it? I’m living life just as I used to. There’s nothing to worry about. There’s really nothing to worry about so please don’t feel concerned. I have to meet someone right now so let’s talk later.”

1. [+4,588, -37] So his son didn’t know. That biological father needs to go die for doing this to him.

2. [+4,080, -26] I hope Noa wakes up and becomes a filial son for his father now instead of upsetting him all the time.

3. [+3,100, -24] He sounds like someone who truly knows what love is… Amazing.

4. [+2,369, -19] You can tell that he truly hopes as a father that his son does not get hurt in all of this… Find strength!

5. [+576, -3] He suffered through all those rumors of him having a child out of wedlock at such a young age… It all makes me so sad for him that I don’t know what to say.

6. [+503, -5] What that biological father is doing is throwing his son away twice… He took a family’s painful past that they so carefully kept buried and dug it out for the entire nation to see.

7. [+458, -6] Noa just needs to listen to everything his dad says and he will lead a successful life. Respect your father.

8. [+400, -8] Cha Noa, stop chasing after the ladies and stop upsetting your parents



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