Pann: This is the answer of Jessica’s situation

[+3319, -93] 8 members first congratulated her business but the reason why they later told her to choose SNSD or business is largely because of Tyler Kwon. If he’s a swindler, then SNSD might have to pay for more than 10 billion won because the business has SNSD’s title. They all might get their lives screwed up. They decided this had to be stopped

– The stories of Jessica paying loyalty is a total bull… She started her business on August, do you think she’s already calculating her earnings?? This is not some small store… I’m sure she didn’t even earn the invested money


1. [+117, -11] I honestly don’t understand why people support Jessica and bash the 8 members. This is obviously Jessica’s fault but the 8 members are seen at the bitches… Jessica… tsk tsk

2. [+112, -9] I know that the antis are taking the chance and hating on SNSD but this is obviously Jessica’s fault. The 8 members didn’t dump her, it’s Jessica who dumped SNSD. She said she was gonna leave SNSD but after meeting up with a lawyer, she changed her statement and said she was gonna promote in SNSD (to use SNSD’s name in her business). She didn’t even participate in practices because of her business and she got back from New York with her boyfriend a day before the schedule. SNSD had a meeting because Jessica’s priority was not SNSD anymore but even before the meeting ended, she flew to overseas. The members had the meeting to protect SNSD, how would they feel… She made the other members as the bitches on SNS. I’m sure the members tried to stop her until the end. But Jessica didn’t listen so they made her choose to protect SNSD. I really don’t understand why SNSD’s tears are called fake

3. [+109, -7] After this situation broke out, entertainment journalists talked about it. They were talking about how Jessica’s first priority was SNSD’s promotions but they said, “but us entertainment journalists can’t take this seriously” and laughed. They’re entertainment journalists and yet they came on TV and talked like this… It’s obvious by now

4. [+39, -2] From an objective perspective, 95% of it is Jessica’s fault. If Jessica was Taeyeon, people wouldn’t be defending her at all ㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -5] I’m so disappointed with Jessica, it’s so disgusting how she’s pretending to be the victim. I hope her business flops hard



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