Pann: The posts that are talking about SNSD Jessica’s truth

1. [+110, -25] I don’t understand why the 8 members are getting hate. It’s Jessica who let SNSD go first. The 8 members accepted it and supported Jessica’s needs. But they’re seen as bullies who kicked a member out. Jessica clearly said, “as I was congratulated by other members” and proved it. I’m sure she did something that lost her credibility to other members. The members have enough money to live forever after quitting SNSD. What jealousy do they have to kick her out? I’m sure there are reasons and the 8 members didn’t even speak yet

2. [+102, -15] Jessica proved that her business was congratulated by the other members. She also said that she explained her business in details to make her company and her members understand. The members knew her business’ scale and the company had to approve it because they couldn’t stop her business legally. When Jessica had conflicts with the members, she again proved that she got permission from her company. Jessica invested more money than Tyler for Blanc and she still hasn’t earn much to get the invested money yet. But the members were jealous of the risky business? It’s even more convincing to say they were afraid of getting SNSD’s image affected in case her business fails. People also seem to be mistaking about New York. Before the members came to a conclusion at the meeting, Jessica flew to New York. It’s a must to practice before fan meetings but Jessica didn’t even spare her time for that. The official schedules which we see are not everything. There are unofficial schedules like practicing, meetings, and rehearsals. There’s a flaw to claim that Jessica was working hard in SNSD just because she attended all the official schedule

3. [+85, -14] I think Jessica got permission but her behavior afterwards was the problem because they all approved her business at first. Otherwise, this should’ve broke out earlier. Jessica’s behavior is the problem because SNSD wasn’t her first priority anymore. This is where they had conflicts. What kind of a celebrity would just appear a day before the fan meeting tour? I think I’d also get mad and tell her to go off to her business? And Jessica also targeted the members on Weibo, she’s the same



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