Jessica, the divided opinions between being kicked out vs voluntarily leaving… Krystal knew all along? “Let’s stop crying”

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+938, -101] Jessica-ya… That Tyler Kwon kid says he’s not thinking of marrying you.. Please wake up and go back to Soshi

2. [+770, -81] They went from the superior sisters to depressing sisters… Jessica would’ve been fine if she kept her business small scale but she threw her luck out the window

3. [+745, -136] I hated the 8 at first but my opinion’s completely changed. I think it’s true that Jessica’s in dangerous waters with her business. No matter how close they are, she’s put SNSD as a group at complete risk and SNSD should not be obligated to have to take on that risk. She’s the one who said she was going to leave next year but she went back on her word. SNSD’s been trying to persuade her since March and had another emergency meeting in September but Jessica flat out refused to meet with them anymore and told them to send it through writing while she was out with her boyfriend, going to New York and coming to her fan meet the day before to “attend to her schedule”. Of course the 8 members had to go with the extreme then… They don’t deserve hate.

4. [+47, -10] Sooyeon-ah, as a Sone, let me say one thing. If you leave SNSD, you are just an average 26 year old woman. You don’t know that? Without the title of ‘SNSD Jessica’, your life can only go down from here. Why can’t you be like Miyoung and do what you want without affecting the other members?………………

5. [+46, -15] Jessica will soon be forgotten as well… She’s probably already realized that there’s a vast difference between her popularity as an SNSD member and her popularity as an individual.



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