‘Ent Relay’ SNSD’s past statement resurfaces “Jessica will probably get married the soonest”

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+13,942, -388] Tyler Kwon seems to be the biggest problem in all of this. He blew dreams of a business into her but at the rate things are going, the business will fail too. Who will care about Jessica if she’s not SNSD’s Jessica?

2. [+12,201, -1,468] Yoo Jae Suk once said that you can’t have both if you don’t give up something you like… Jessica was too greedy. Why must the 8 go through this for 1?

3. [+8,908, -631] Didn’t they say on Radio Star that they don’t care if the members get married…

4. [+6,461, -395] There’s no smoke without fire

5. [+5,006, -771] How frustrated the SNSD members must’ve been when she said she was going to get married and run a business and checked herself out of Mister Mister promotions ( By the way, Jessica’s domain on the Blanc homepage is from 2013 ㅎㅎ She’s been preparing this for a year.

6. [+1,792, -105] As someone who used to be a fan, let me say one thing. People keep saying that the members are being too harsh on Jessica and that it must be so hard for her to be kicked out one morning but even Jessica fans have known all along about the rumors of her business and marriage since the beginning of the year and have been anxious all this while. Whenever SNSD went overseas, it was always only Jessica who left early and came back late, she had a different stylist, stayed in a different dorm… and worse came to worst, she appeared at a film schedule with Tyler Kwon ㅠㅠ Thinking about it now, it was obvious that she strayed outside of the group. She did not get kicked out just randomly one morning.. She’s been alone for the past 8 months ㅠㅠ The members have held it in for long enough.

7. [+1,553, -41] She’s led an easy life until now… Born into a wealthy family, raised getting everything she wants, got popular off of Soshi under a huge company.. She probably thought her business would do well too but this is the biggest obstacle she’s facing in her life now

8. [+1,525, -49] Tyler Kwon really is suspicious.. Jessica needs to be so careful. At this rate, she could lose everything from Soshi, to her business, to her boyfriend.



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