Suzy “We don’t divide income from individual activities… Had to clarify it”

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+29,179, -487] Honestly speaking, Suzy is the one that makes all the money, there’s no way she should have to divide that..

2. [+20,386, -475] Why does anyone care how they divide their income

3. [+18,474, -377] That’s how it should be, she makes the most in miss A anyway

4. [+18,526, -799] Suzy’s keeping JYP afloat

5. [+1,771, -116] But at the end of the day, only the ratios are different… The members still get divided money from her activities. Is Suzy a saint to be okay with that?

6. [+1,661, -84] But she said they still divide their income, just that the ratios different… I feel bad for her;

7. [+1,652, -84] While the other members are sleeping and drinking and having fun, she’s out making money… Of course she should keep all of what she earns.

8. [+1,475, -55] It should be definite that she keeps what she earns

Source: Nate

1. [+455, -23] But aren’t CFs, movies, and dramas considered individual activities

2. [+369, -24] To break it down for you: In the past, all income made from activities were divided 1/N by the members. Currently, the income from CFs, dramas, and movies are still divided 1/N by the group but with different ratios. They only get to keep income from individual activities but if you take out CFs, dramas, and movies, that basically only means she keeps what she earns from variety appearances.

3. [+349, -26] But aren’t varieties, dramas, CFs, and movies considered individual activities?

4. [+77, -10] I heard the Chinese members moved out into their own dorm… and seeing their Instagrams, they’re covered in brand names. Suzy, you put up with too much.

5. [+67, -5] CFs, dramas, and movies pay the most and she still divides that income with them? Even if Suzy takes a larger share, she has so many individual CFs that will all add up… I’d be so mad if I had to share that. The other members are really living the life, aren’t they? Money rolls in while they don’t even have to do anything. They barely promote anyway, right?

6. [+61, -6] What does Suzy consider individual activities if not CFs, dramas, and movies? She basically said that the group still divides all of her income, just that she takes a larger share. I hope that her contract changes so that she keeps everything from her CFs, dramas, and movies. The members will just get used to making money off of her.

7. [+55, -4] Suzy’s a saint, I’d be so unbelievably angry if I had to share all that money

8. [+47, -8] Basically their income’s still divided… I’d never be able to take it knowing how much stress she’s constantly under.

9. [+45, -4] So they still divide her income, just that she takes a larger share now… She’s a saint.

10. [+42, -5] Wow, Suzy’s a saint… Why can’t JYP just let her keep all of what she earns? She’s only 21 years old and already shooting dramas, CFs, and movies on her own, why can’t she keep it all?



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