Pann: Yoona and Suzy’s pre-debut middle school grad pictures


1. [+156, -54] Why do Suzy fans always bash other celebrities to praise Suzy ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+138, -122] Suzy totally wins

3. [+133, -143] Didn’t Yoona get work done before debuting? But Suzy was still prettier, a difference in class

4. [+62, -53] Suzy is really pretty. The reason why Yoona fans manipulate comments on Suzy articles is because people find Suzy prettier than Yoona, right?

5. [+42, -10] Yoona has no makeup on but Suzy does…

6. [+39, -20] Stop this, you idiots. I’m not a Yoona fan but I feel bad. It’s not like Yoona never said she’s prettier than Suzy. Why are you guys bashing an innocent girlㅠㅠ You called her unpopular and stuff and now you’re calling her ugly. Whether Yoona is pretty or not, she’s richer than you and she’ll get married well. I understand that Sonecockroaches leave hateful comments and do bullshitting. But Suzy fans need to stop acting the same. Suzy will only get hate from this

7. [+28, -13] Am I the only one who finds Yoona prettier…



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