Taetiseo, Taeyeon cries at Korean fan signing

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+14,610, -4,697] Wow.. they’re scary… All 8 of them are the ones who agreed to booting her and yet they cry in front of the eyes of fans..

2. [+11,326, -2,802] Isn’t Taeyeon an attention seeker???

3. [+9,885, -1,932] I honestly can’t take a side between Jessica or SNSD but there’s one undisputable fact and it’s that the 8 of them agreed to booting her. It’s kind of weird for me to see them cry in front of their fans but still be laughing off camera…

4. [+8,102, -1,587] ㅎㅎ No words to say

5. [+7,050, -1,343] Wow……..

6. [+2,177, -214] Jessica and Taeyeon are already famous among fans for not being close

7. [+2,285, -368] Taeyeon really gives me… goosebumps;;;;

8. [+2,270, -381] Why cry when you agreed to boot her?

9. [+2,220, -415] Stop acting. You threw her out! First Baekhyun and now Jessica, crying’s just a habit for her now.

10. [+1,853, -315] Why is she crying when she booted her?



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