‘My Sassy Girl 2’ Cha Tae Hyun and Victoria’s wedding picture revealed… crank in

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+11,098, -494] Hopeless female lead…..

2. [+9,527, -236] I get that Victoria was cast so they can export the movie….. but it’s worrying……

3. [+9,478, -249] Doesn’t match… Should’ve just ended it at Jun Ji Hyun

4. [+8,483, -331] Cha Tae Hyuns’s second biggest mistake of his career since Jun Woo Chi

5. [+5,721, -169] Doesn’t…… match…..

6. [+680, -40] I don’t hate Victoria but what’re they going to do about her Korean pronunciation ㅠ she’s not lead material. Why does SM keep doing this?

7. [+619, -32] It’s like dumping a bowl of bibimbap in a bowl of ox tail soup and throwing ketchup on it

8. [+424, -19] I want to believe… that the director believes in a rhyme and reason behind all of this…



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