Pann: What if innocent Seohyun and Yoona admitted it


1. [+122, -6] Honestly, celebrities are all about image. We don’t know if they’re truly innocent and we don’t know if Soshi members are all close. We never know the entertainment industry

2. [+90, -13] Well~ Do you really think they’re like real friends or sisters? They’re only co-workers. They can leave if they have different thoughts or standards. They’re only looking for benefits. Who knows, Seohyun might be the fox one

3. [+89, -4] How do we know if they’re innocent or not? Did we ever guess that Taeyeon and Hyoyeon would be that type of people? We never predicted Jessica’s situation, either. Soshi fans are all fooled

4. [+35, -1] Ugh… Don’t talk if you don’t know anything. Seohyun’s image is mostly made-up. She said her role model is Ban Ki Moon because she wanted to be a diplomat but she didn’t even know what the foreign service exam is. The students who were studying for the foreign service exam were really pissed at that time. Also, before Taeyeon got into her controversies, she was chosen as one of the celebrities with good personalities because of her pretty and cute looks ㅋㅋ What you see from the screen is not always true. I think Yoona is kind because she volunteers a lot but we never know unless we personally know her. It’s not just Jessica’s fault. SNSD had many rumors of having bad relationships. And for SNSD’s CFs, it’s mostly because of their dating rumors and the changes the CF companies wanted to make. We don’t know whether Jessica renewed her contract for her business is true or not. If Jessica renews her contract, would she earn more from her new business or from SNSD? How the other members kicked her out because of money shows that they’re 100% business members. Don’t just blame Jessica. This is not the fault of one side

5. [+26, -1] Who says Yoona is innocent ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+24, -2] I actually never thought Seohyun was that innocent… I think Yoona’s personalities are common but Seohyun is just…



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