Pann: The scale of Jessica’s business

(Pann explains how Jessica’s business is expanding in other countries)


1. [+436, -18] If we’re combining SM and Jessica’s statements, she was gonna leave Soshi after one more album but SM is telling her to leave now

2. [+406, -496] I don’t understand the other eight members the most

3. [+385, -584] The eight members are the bitches, also SM

4. [+209, -14] Do you think Soshi is still in their Gee era? Look how Taetiseo’s digital ranking is falling, it tells that Soshi is at their end. Jessica is smart for setting up a business. I think it’s not true that Jessica is slacking off with SNSD’s promotions. Jessica never missed a promotion while running her business. I think Jessica started her business with Soshi power so she was gonna focus on SNSD promotions until her business gets settled while paying the loyalty to SM for her business. And the other members didn’t like it and kicked her out

5. [+183, -89] No wonder why she got kicked out

6. [+173, -77] Am I the only one who understands the eight members? Jessica seems to be too selfish



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