Jessica “Forced to leave by the agency… such a big wound” official statement (full document)

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+7,430, -1,224] How can you live life expecting to get everything you want

2. [+6,839, -1,162] I think it was selfish of her to think she can run a business, get married, and still be in SNSD

3. [+6,404, -1,133] Her actions warranted her being kicked out. Why bring Tyler everywhere? What kind of job would like that?

4. [+6,145, -1,431] What’s fact is that Jessica made a selfish decision where she tried to get everything she wanted. Can’t imagine how hurt the other members were having to come to this decision…

5. [+3,966, -789] I thought she wanted to leave?

6. [+1,482, -235] Dispatch was right… I don’t think Sica realized how public sentiment would turn on her… Fans may be fans but anyone who’s worked in the real world knows that you can’t act like that or you’ll get booted.

7. [+1,240, -155] Of course she should leave if she wants to get married, what is she so taken aback about? So selfish of her… what does she expect the 8 members to do? Look at WG, how did they end up? Let Sunye get married and what are the 4 of them doing now?

8. [+1,104, -126] She’s being like this because she was going to leave in January but SM suddenly kicked her out



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