[Naver: OSEN] ‘Youth Over Flowers’ Son Hojun “If it wasn’t for U-Know Yunho, I would have died…thank you”

Son Hojun: “I’ve never lived boldly….but I do want to succeed. There’s only one reason that I want to succeed. Without U-Know Yunho, I would have died. When I was in Japan for three months, he bought me boxes of ramen and instant rice. I’m really thankful”

“I’ve been living while receiving too much. If I want to repay back all that I have received, I have to become a little bit more successful than now. I don’t have any greed in becoming something like a Hallyu star”

1. [+14565, -81] I really hope a person like him does well!!

2. [+13191, -67] This hyung really seems like he suffered a lot so I will for sure cheer him on

3. [+11411, -87] A cool friendship amongst handsome people..

4. [+9384, -74] What a really really cool friendshipㅠㅠ

5. [+9783, -815] U-Know Yunho is indeed cool. Even remaining loyal to his company.

6. [+2255, -36] U-Know Yunho is really amazing to do that for his unknown friend of 10 years. Since he was in DBSK he could’ve ignored him, how cool.

7. [+2229, -18] I knew that they were both close but I’m seeing them in a different light. The U-Know Yunho who emotionally and physically took care of his hyung that was having a hard time and Son Hojun that promised himself to succeed so that he can repay Yunho back are both so cool. Son Hojun-ssi, there will be a day when you’ll find success.

8. [+2121, -22] They were close ever since they were both starting out but then Yunho became a popular star and even though Son Hojun was totally unknown, Yunho took so much care of him .. there are a lot of people who ignore their old friends when they become successful … it’s really good to see their lasting friendship. I hope things go well for the both of them.

9. [+1930, -19] Ah, it made me tear up hearing how Son Hojun wants to become more successful to pay Yunho backㅠㅠ I wish you much success in the future!!!

10. [+1684, -35] Yunho really seems to have amazing loyalty



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