: Jessica’s steps have been suspicious… met with JYJ lawsuit lawyer Im Sang Hyuk, but why?

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+566, -13] Krystal’s still in SM… what’s going on…;;

2. [+525, -19] So Jessica’s known all along that this could’ve happened.

3. [+386, -16] What’s the truth… speak up, SM

Source: Nate

1. [+312, -20] If she’s going to get married, she shouldn’t have renewed over the summer

2. [+299, -29] What was the point of renewing her contract if she’s going to get married? Did she want to be like Sunye?

3. [+234, -25] Puts her sister in an awkward position

Source: Naver

1. [+7,041, -84] Seeing as how SM and Soshi are both quiet, there definitely is something going on…

2. [+6,942, -740] SM’s obviously the one holding the power here. The members all join the entertainment industry at such a young age that they’re trapped into the rules of business like puppets. If it’s true that she’s kicked out, it ruins SNSD’s image

3. [+5,336, -177] They all look so serious… different from looking tired

4. [+1,624, -216] Didn’t Taeyeon post a picture of herself wearing a trench coat yesterday? If it’s true Jessica’s being kicked out, what’s SNSD doing? They’re no different from T-ara

5. [+1,293, -132] Dae to the bak, if the SNSD members really agreed to this, that’s a huge disappointment. I just saw them saying Soshi is one on Radio Star even if they get married.

Source: Naver

1. [+1,909, -48] SM is even still holding on to Sulli after she screwed up two f(x) albums and burned her image to the ground, what would they kick Jessica out for? SM knows that they’re in danger if it’s not Soshi9, what’s going on?

2. [+1,211, -30] It must be real if she even met with a lawyer… and SM hasn’t put out an official statement yet so her Weibo might not’ve been hacked..

3. [+1,171, -19] Even if it’s early morning, it’s been two hours and SM still hasn’t responded… meaning it’s probably true she was kicked



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