Sulli does not attend first official event for ‘Fashion King’ “Balancing media preview schedules”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+420, -11] Is she not sorry to her members?

2. [+386, -12] Doesn’t even seem like she wants to be a celebrity anymore

3. [+368, -13] She’s obviously acting like this because she trusts Choiza, right?

4. [+46, -14] Talk about a top star. Wraps up promotions in three weeks, goes on hiatus from activities, active in her dating activities. What a joke.

5. [+35, -8] I can let ‘The Pirates’ go because she’s not a lead but she’s the lead in ‘Fashion King’. A lead not attending her own movie event? So irresponsible.

6. [+30, -1] At this point, she needs to just leave the industry.

7. [+27, -3] Why are the members or even the movie industry reps putting up with this?

8. [+24, -4] So makjang



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