Ailee’s POWER UP, VISUAL UP.. “Don’t Touch Me”

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+547, -17] Ailee matches more pop-style songs like Heaven. I wonder if there’s a composer in Korea that can pull that off for her? Wheesung’s songs were pretty good

2. [+444, -54] I hope she never gets work done or resorts to showing skin

3. [+293, -23] I like that she always works hard at everything

4. [+254, -27] Her smile’s so pretty

5. [+213, -27] It’s like watching a dragon perform

6. [+62, -2] I like that she’s a good singer and all but stop dressing her like she’s from space. They’ve been dressing her like that since her debut.

7. [+65, -8] Ailee matches being chubby better. She looks so violent with the weight loss.

8. [+48, -4] Now that’s what I call a real singer, the idols who can’t sing are just dancers..

9. [+39, -3] Maybe because she’s from America but she needs pop style songs that match her~ Of course she matches powerful ballad songs too

10. [+33, -2] Song Jieun says don’t look while Ailee says don’t touch, dang



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