Remaining Ladies Code members, 20 days into hospitalization “Condition improved greatly”

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+11,877, -141] I’m glad they’re recovering. I’ll be waiting for them to promote actively, for the members that left before them..

2. [+11,231, -135] I hope journalists aren’t following them around for pictures

3. [+8,609, -53] I’m sure they were hurt deeply both physically and emotionally.. Please recover soon..

4. [+7,058, -73] Hoping to see you all back on promotions with a great image soon!! You need to win #1 to make the members who left first proud

5. [+6,260, -278] This is making me tear up again…

6. [+669, -11] Still hard to believe RiSe and Eunbi are dead…

7. [+537, -11] I bet my wrist that once they’re back on broadcasts, PDs and scriptwriters will do anything to bring up topics about their dead members. They’ll ask questions to make them cry and act like they’re all sad for them.

8. [+445, -7] 20 days have passed and it’s still unbelievable what happened..

9. [+393, -3] I remember when Monday Kiz’s Kim Min Soo passed away in a car accident, Lee Jin Sung wasn’t even with him or witnessed it but he went into an indefinite hiatus and took several years to come back with a new member… I can’t imagine the shock of a girl group that was actually there to witness the accident together… Sigh, find strength! ㅠ

10. [+373, -6] Living must not really feel like living to them right now. It will be hard to forget everything that happened but it’s for the best that they take care of themselves.



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