Shin Min Ah “Dating after my debut… I’ve never gone on vacation with a boyfriend”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+503, -31] Liar. I’m tired of celebrities acting like they’re so innocent. Top stars like her can just rent a house overseas to use for dates.

2. [+497, -25] T.O.P.

3. [+415, -37] What a liar..

4. [+79, -8] It makes me laugh when I see female celebrities who can’t go a day without sponsors act like they’re so innocent

5. [+75, -4] She dated Kim Won Joong for two years and never went on vacation with him?

6. [+59, -4] Doesn’t matter whether she’s lying or not about the vacation because it’s pointless. We already saw the video journalists took of TOP going in and out of her house like it was his own.

7. [+40, -4] The industry is so dirty if you think about it. The same CEO who shot Jun Ji Hyun to fame helped Shin Min Ah out to get her to the top star spot today and she acts like she’s so clean and innocent.

8. [+38, -8] TOP

9. [+37, -6] How fake of her ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+32, -3] She doesn’t go on vacations because she stays home with TOP…

11. [+31, -6] Does her agency really think media playing about innocence for an actress who’s in her thirties is believable?



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