“3.3% division rate between members?”… the contract as revealed by Moon Junyoung

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+12,464, -149] Be brave… a lot of people are behind your back supporting you. I hope this is all resolved.

2. [+10,489, -185] So they made $1,000 but only got to take home $30… ㅋㅋㅋ Sigh

3. [+8,804, -133] Our leader ㅠㅠㅠ Find strength

Source: Nate [2] [3]

1. [+1,043, -3] Star Empire is known for having that trashy CEO. They worked Nine Muses like dogs for $9 a member, slapped their cheeks, cut members on whim, periodically checked their outfits… all the while for nothing in return for the members. They’re the trashiest of the trash.

2. [+1,178, -10] Absolutely horrifying… I remember watching their BBC documentary in the past and Star Empire treating Nine Muses like animals… I looked them up and three members have already left that group…

3. [+1,060, -6] Find strength, this is all very brave of you. I hope you win this battle!!! Many are watching over you so fight bravely!

4. [+985, -13] The truth lies with what happened with Nine Muses. You can see in their BBC documentary that the CEO controls everything to his tastes from their debut track concepts to their outfits. They struggled a lot with their debut and a lot of members left. Even today, barely any of the original members remain aside from three when they were originally a 9 member group..

5. [+2,911, -15] If other agencies team up against Junyoung with Star Empire, he’s pretty much going to be exiled from the industry. I’m sure he knows and still mustered the bravery to go through with this. Let’s please lend some strength to someone knowing the consequences of his actions but wanting to set things right for justice. Journalists, for the ZE:A members..

6. [+2,598, -17] So sad watching Moon Junyoung take on all of this on his own as the leader ㅜㅜ Please also go look up the video of the CEO slapping Nine Muses Sera on the cheek. Imagine how much worse he treats them off camera.



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