Taetiseo’s ‘Holler’, a song already released by a Japanese singer in 2007? Confirmed to be a reproduction

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+654, -19] So the composer is the same..

2. [+462, -60] Holler’s good but I like Adrenaline better

3. [+408, -57] I wish Adrenaline was the title track instead of Holler

4. [+401, -110] How ridiculous, SM’s also a problem

5. [+91, -15] The problem with SM is that they always use foreign composers and foreign choreographers and call what they produce K-Pop… Why else would Sweden claim that K-Pop is entirely produced by a Denmark composer…

6. [+69, -15] So the conclusion is that it’s a remake ㅋㅋ The journalist purposely tried to stir controversy ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+50, -1] I wish SM would go with more public friendly songs, then they’d be successful both digitally and physically… Like Soshi’s Gee.. They always come out with convoluted songs that are a hit or miss.

8. [+71, -26] SM’s problem is that they only use foreign composers, YG’s problem is that their artists are criminals, JYP’s problem is that their only income is Suzy

9. [+64, -21] SM’s really falling behind in terms of producing public friendly songs. Their digital power is so weak.

10. [+51, -10] SM’s always using foreign songs… Doesn’t matter how long you are into your career, they’ll never let you put out your own composition.



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