[Naver: TV Report] ‘Roommate’ End of season 1, new members revealed from Bae Jongok to even Heo Youngji

Hong Soohyun, EXO’s Chanyeol, Shin Sungwoo, and Song Gayeon had their last interview reminiscing the memories they made.

g.o.d.’s Park Joonhyung, Otani Ryohei, GOT7’s Jackson, actress Bae Jongok, Gagwoman Lee Gookjoo, SNSD’s Sunny, and Kara’s Heo Youngji are the new members for season 2 of Roommate.

1. [+7592, -175] They did the casting really well ㄷ

2. [+5977, -97] I like the members but I wish the PD could change

3. [+5056, -164] Why not take out all the Season 1 members and just go on with the Season 2 cast…don’t feel like watching since the old members are staying

4. [+3577, -96] The casting, for one, is awesome

5. [+578, -49] Nana’s still coming on the show?

6. [+383, -3] Why isn’t Park Minwoo leaving?? He’s such a person with an inferiority complex tsktsk



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