[Naver] Billboard “Super Junior’s experimental but solid album”….de=LSD&sid1=106

[+1333, -105] “Shirt” composed by Donghae is good. SM why do you insist on using Yoo Youngjin’s songs for title tracks.. Now YYJ’s stuff is weird and there’s nothing more to squeeze out of him. EXO’s MAMA was ruined because of him, Red Velvet’s Happiness too. Honestly, Sorry Sorry and Mr Simple are exceptions. YYJ always ruins Super Junior songs, from 1jib to 7jib SM why do you insist on only giving them YYJ songs….SM really, you go overboard. Songs like Shirt are good to digest, why do you insist on YYJ’s style.

[+1052, -142] Their popularity in China is the most powerful… But their digital is horrible

[+933, -210] I don’t know it’s experimental but I know the overall album is solid

[+808, -176] I insult Super Junior, but was shocked by their South America tour. Brazil, Argentina females crying. Really no joke. Even when the males watched they found them cool and worth watching. These kids’ stages and performances are really Super.

[+854, -254] Only released for 3 days but fly to World Album Chart like it’s no big deal, amazing

[+663, -131] Am I deaf for thinking now that this time’s song is the nicest among SuJu songs. A big pity their ranking… Still, fighting!

[+681, -183] As expected it’s SuJu!!! Amazing…

[+539, -84] All along I don’t download SuJu title songs, only the other songs. But this time I downloaded all! The ballads are really like jewels.. (Sadly,) Many people don’t know about them..

[+558, -165] As expected of Hallyu Kings Super Junior, amazing

[+532, -158] Amazing!! Only released for 3 days but 1st place!!! As expected of Super Junior!!!!!!!!!

[+441, -102] Idols who are inactive yet 1st in revenue overseas, not bad

[+482, -112] Really, there’s a reason they always get the Golden Disk.. Album and songs are so good ㅠㅠ

[+428, -91] Hey Mamacita naega ayaya~ song is good

[+454, -141] Amazing. It’s Billboard. Daebak

[+383, -72] This time Super Junior songs are good, I listened to Mamacita and Shirt alot. Even the other songs are all good. I bought the album^^

[+316, -56] The songs are all good, from beginning to end the organisation is good!!^^ I listen to the album everyday ㅋㅋ

[+299, -53] I really like this albumㅠㅠ



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