‘My Lovely Girl’ Krystal, can she become actress Jung Soojung?

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+6,162, -426] Wish they’d leave the leads to actors ㅠ

2. [+5,239, -297] What I know for sure that if she doesn’t perform up to par, she’ll get a lot of hate. A lead role is nothing easy and if she got in through her company’s power, she better follow up.

3. [+4,264, -166] I don’t know… I just hope she does well so she doesn’t get hate.

4. [+3,618, -1,776] But at least Krystal has decent visuals and started off acting with sitcoms before slowly working her way up. Better than idols who land lead roles right off the bat.

5. [+516, -37] I like Krystal and she matched her characters well in High Kick and The Heirs but I feel like this drama will be a bit cringe.

6. [+415, -51] Krystal’s really pretty but seeing her outside of a student role makes her look so young and it’s obvious she doesn’t have the face for an actress

7. [+395, -39] I wish there’d be more trained rookie actors than idols

8. [+373, -56] She just needs to let her acting talk for her… If she sucks, she’ll get hate, and if she does well, she’ll get praise. No point in discussing it now. Wait for the broadcast to judge.



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