Pann: Yoon Doojun and Im Siwan, who’s handsomer?



1. [+207, -7] It’s like… Doojun looks like he’d protect me and Siwan looks like he needs to be protected by me

2. [+156, -2] Their auras are just different. Siwan is prettily handsome like a girl and Doojun is manly handsome

3. [+154, -43] Doojun for me

4. [+78, -41] Honestly Doojun is handsomer. Siwan has a pretty image. There’s a reason why Doojun has “boyfriend-dol” title

5. [+64, -6] Their auras are totally different. Doojun is like a handsome athletics student and Siwan is just handsome. People would think Siwan is handsome but I think girls prefer Doojun’s style

6. [+62, -2] Their auras are different… If I were to choose one of them, I’d choose Doojun who’s manly handsome… Please respect my personal opinions

7. [+51, -2] Ah I clicked on this post and saw Doojun… Heart attack…

8. [+48, -2] Siwan has the typical handsome looks you’d see in manga but I’m more attracted to Doojun’s style. He looks manly and cool. I think the opinions would vary

9. [+46, -0] Honestly their images are totally different. They’re both handsome but Doojun is manly handsome whereas Siwan is a flower boy type. Doojun is also popular among guys and he’s good at soccer. Siwan is prettily handsome so he looks weak but he’s actually strong because he’s a Busan guy. They’re both very popular among guys and girls.

10. [+44, -1] Doojun



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