Billboard “Super Junior, a solid and experimental album”

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,335, -105] I liked the song ‘Shirt’ that Donghae composed and wrote.. why does SM always make Yoo Young Jin’s songs the title tracks.. He has nothing more to offer anymore. EXO’s MAMA failed because of Yoo Young Jin, Red Velvet’s Happiness failed because of Yoo Young Jin… Aside from Sorry Sorry and Mr. Simple, he hasn’t had a huge hit in a while. Why doesn’t Yoo Young Jin does let Super Junior go? From the 1st to 7th album, it’s always been his songs.. Why, SM? Super Junior can pull off genres like ‘Shirt’, why do they insist on Yoo Young Jin’s style?

2. [+1,053, -142] Their popularity in China is the best… but their digital achievements are crap.

3. [+935, -210] I don’t know about experimental but all of the songs do sound solid and nice.

4. [+810, -176] I used to hate on Super Junior but their South America concert surprised me. Girls were crying and everything in Brazil and Argentina. It’s no joke. Even as a man, I could see that they’re handsome and something worth watching. They’re truly super when it comes to stage performances.

5. [+856, -244] Topping the world album chart in just three days, amazing



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