RiSe, leaves the world… coffin borne amid tears from Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+6,030, -57] RiSe-ya, farewell…

2. [+5,166, -47] Farewell, RiSe-yang… Please be happy and without pain where you are…

3. [+4,899, -138] Beautiful, beautiful from head to toe

4. [+3,951, -55] We will never forget RiSe and Eunbi

5. [+3,752, -39] Please be in a better place. Please.

6. [+329, -7] I’m so worried about the remaining three…

7. [+299, -7] RiSe-ya, I don’t want to think that you’re dead. I want to think that you’ve retired from singing and are off in Japan, never to come back.

Source: Nate

1. [+236, -21] In your next life, don’t come to a foreign country far away to audition. Don’t hold back on things you want to eat, hours you want to sleep to train. Don’t struggle with a hellish schedule after your debut. Just stay in Japan forever with your parents and live a long and happy life, RiSe-ssi. May you rest in peace.



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